Neha Dani is an artist that delights in the details. Her one-of-a-kind jeweled masterpieces – each born from wax and brought to life with exceptional stones – tell a story from every angle, striking a delicate balance between an ultra-feminine aesthetic and a bold, dramatic scale.


The designer’s high jewelry collection is comprised of miniature sculptures rendered in 18-karat gold and featuring colorless and natural fancy colored diamonds of rare and remarkable quality. Although the forms may appear abstract, themes of the natural world and human emotions are present in each piece. Certain inspirations, including dried leaves and flower petals, show up again and again in different brilliant variations.


Comprised of multiple layers and undulating forms, every jeweled creation starts with an individually carved wax model based on Neha’s musings. Diamonds are then hand-selected to be set under high magnification by a master craftsman using a combination of painstaking old-world techniques and modern technology. Each piece is a manufacturing challenge both in terms of the method and the time required from thought to finish.


New for 2016 is a whimsical take on the brand’s signature pieces: A forward-thinking collection created in custom-colored rhodium-plated 18-karat gold and diamonds. Based on the same principles as the Neha Dani high jewelry – every piece is one-of-a-kind and showcases a layered, sculptural design approach – these vibrant statement pieces are accessible to collectors from novice to noteworthy.

Neha Dani is a Fellow of the Gemological Association of England and a Gemological Institute of America certified Graduate Gemologist. In addition to her training at international labs in identifying and grading gemstones, Neha creates exclusive art pieces and designs high jewelry for private collectors. In 2014 she was named a Rising Star at prestigious JCK Las Vegas, the country’s largest gem and jewelry fair. Neha is based in New Delhi, India.

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